Horizontal Machining Centers
MB-1500 / MB-2500 Machining Centers

This is a traveling column machine with a fixed table design for less floor space consumption as well as a increased work piece work piece weight limit. The fixed table can be removed, allowing the traveling column portion of the machine to be integrated into many custom designs.

EBM-2150 EBM Series Machining Center

Traveling table, horizontal machining center with table sizes from 59" x 27" up to 128" x 48". Box way construction with fully supported saddle for improved accuracy. This machine can also be equipped with an optional vertical / horizontal spindle and rotary table to allow for 5 sided machining.


Movable table design with RAM type spindle travel. With X-axis travels up to 118", very long work peices are workable. Two position or multiple position spindle heads available to allow machining on numerous angles of the part.

FBE YCZ Machine FBE YCZ Machining Center

This machine consists of a sliding ram Y axis and a vertical travel Z axis saddle over a full contouring rotary table, for manufacturer of large ring-like parts. An automatic vertical/horizontal spindle allows milling, drilling, boring and tapping operations to be performed in order to complete complex parts during a single load cycle.